Good Day Farm


What is Good Perks by Good Day Farm?

Good Perks is a reward program that provides exciting benefits to its members. As a member, you can enjoy exclusive communications, offers, and incentives and earn rewards on purchases. Good Perks is our way of showing appreciation to our loyal customers and patients.

How do I join Good Perks?

You can join the Good Perks during your visit to any Good Day Farm cannabis dispensary location. Sign up on your first visit to get the most from the program! Simply provide your phone number and email address to a GOODtender, and they will enroll you in the program. We also have a signup form available on our website.

How do I earn rewards?

Once enrolled, there are many ways to earn rewards. Every visit you will accrue loyalty points based on your purchases at Good Day Farm. Once you reach a certain threshold, you may be eligible for a discount on your next purchase. Ask a GOODtender for more information.

How do I opt-in to receive communications from Good Perks?

If you provide your phone number, you will receive an SMS opt-in message asking if you would like to receive communications. Reply with ‘Y’ to opt-in or ‘N’ to opt-out. For email communications, you will be enrolled automatically and can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of the email. You can also request help in-store from a GOODtender!

What are the benefits of joining Good Perks?

There are many benefits to joining Good Perks, including special offers, and exclusive communications that are only available to members. See a GOODtender to learn more about these rewards!

How can I access my digital wallet? And check my rewards balance?

Upon signing up, you will receive a text to access your wallet. You can either save it as a bookmark on your smartphone or select “digital wallet” on our website, for easy use.

How do I update my contact information for Good Perks?

To update your contact information, visit any Good Day Farm location and speak with a GOODtender. They will assist you in making changes to your name, phone number, or email.

Can I opt-out of Good Perks after joining?

Yes, you can opt out of Good Perks at any time. To opt out, visit any Good Day Farm location and speak with a GOODtender. To unsubscribe from SMS, reply STOP. For email, select unsubscribe available at the bottom of the email communications.

What can I use my rewards for?

Your rewards can be used towards future purchases at Good Day Farm. For instance, when you accrue 100 points, you will be eligible for $5 off. Stash 1,000 points and save up to $50 on your next purchase!

What is the expiration period for loyalty points at GOOD DAY FARM Dispensaries?

Loyalty points at GOOD DAY FARM Dispensaries expire if there is no purchase activity for six months. To maintain your points, please purchase within every six months.